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Books and catalogues on Breguet.

The following comprises a list of books, catalogues, documentaries, websites and other assorted reference materials with relevance to Breguet. References for general information are also included. Breguet Blog welcomes corrections and addenda to help make this resource as exhaustive as possible.

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ADAMS, Ariel, The World’s Most Expensive Watches, China: Antique Collectors’ Club Ltd., Woodbridge, Suffolk, England (2014). ISBN 978-1-85149-754-6.

BAILLIE, G. H., CLUTTON, C., and ILBERT, C. A., Britten’s Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers Seventh Edition, London: Eyre & Spottiswoode Ltd (1969). ISBN 413 27390 3.

BAILLIE, G. H., Watches: Their History, Decoration and Mechanism, London: Methuen & Co. Ltd (1929).

BARROW, Christopher, The Verge Pocket Watch: Its History, Development and Maintenance, London: Nag Press (2011). ISBN 978 0 7198 0400 7.

BETTS, Jonathan, Harrison, National Maritime Museum: New Ed edition (15 Sept. 2007). ISBN-13: 978-0948065811.

BETTS, Jonathan, John Harrison and the Quest for Longitude, National Maritime Museum: Revised edition (13 Feb. 2020). ISBN-13: 978-1906367695.

BETTS, Jonathan, Marine Chronometers at Greenwich: A Catalogue of Marine Chronometers at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2018). ISBN-13: 978-0199641383.

BODET, François, Breguet, story of a passion: 1973-1987, Watchprint (27 May 2015). ISBN 978-2940506095.

BREGUET, C., A. L. Breguet: Horologer, Translated by W. A. H. Brown, Middlesex: E. L. Lee (1962).

BREGUET, Emmanuel, Breguet: A Century of Aviation, France: Éditions Privat (2018). ISBN 978-2-7089-9286-3.

BREGUET, Emmanuel, Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking, USA: Prestel (2015). ISBN 978-3791354675.

BREGUET, Emmanuel, Breguet: Type XX, Montres Breguet SA (2022). Limited edition hardback produced for boutiques. © Montres Breguet SA 2022.

BREGUET, Emmanuel, Breguet: Watchmakers since 1775, The life and legacy of Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823), China: Swan éditeur (2016). ISBN 978-2-9536796 8-7.

BRUNNER, Gisbert L., and PFEIFFER-BELLI, Christian, Wristwatches, Armbanduhren, Montres-bracelets, Köln: Könemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (1999). ISBN 3-8290-0660-8.

CHAPUIS, Alfred, in collaboration with Claude Breguet, A.-L. Breguet: Pendant la Révolution Française, Neuchâtel: Éditions du Griffon, Suisse (1953).

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CHAPUIS, Alfred, in collaboration with Claude Breguet,
A.-L. Breguet: Pendant la Révolution Française.

CHAPUIS, Alfred, and DROZ, Edmond, Automata: A Historical and Technological Study, Translated by Alec Reid, Neuchâtel: Éditions du Griffon, Suisse (1958).

CHAPUIS, Alfred, in collaboration with Fritz Robert-Charrue, Grands Artisans de la Chronométrie: Histoire de l’horlogerie au Locle, Neuchâtel: Éditions du Griffon, Suisse (1958).

CRISFORD, Andrew, Masterpieces from the Asprey Collection: Volume One: Abraham-Louis Breguet, London: Quartet Books Limited, 1994. 2° (335 x 240mm). Copiously illustrated, numerous plates tipped-in. Blue quarter morocco by Sangorski & Sutcliffe/Zaehnsdorf. Limited edition, nos. 1 to 125.

DANIELS, George, The Art of Breguet, Switzerland: Sotheby’s Publications (1986). ISBN 0-85667-004-9.

DANIELS, George, All in Good Time: Reflections of a Watchmaker, United Kingdom: Philip Wilson Publishers Ltd (2012). ISBN 978-0856676802.

DANIELS, George, The Practical Watch Escapement, United Kingdom: Philip Wilson Publishers Ltd (2016). ISBN 978-0856676871.

DANIELS, George, Watchmaking, London/New York: Philip Wilson Publishers (2018). ISBN 978-0-85667-704-5.

DE CARLE, Donald, F.B.H.I., Clock and Watch Repairing, London: Robert Hale Limited (Second Edition 1981). ISBN 0 7091 9436 6.

DE CARLE, Donald, F.B.H.I., Watchmakers’ & Clockmakers’ Encyclopaedic Dictionary, London: N.A.G. Press Ltd (First Edition August 1950). Illustrations by E. A. Ayres.

DIDEROT, Denis, Horlogerie (Clock-making) Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers, Plates vol. 4 Paris (1765). The 42 plates and descriptive text for the entry of Horlogerie from volume IV of plates.

EDEY, Winthrop, French Clocks, London: Studio Vista Ltd (1967). SBN 289 37056 6.

ESER, Thomas, Die älteste Taschenuhr der Welt? Der Henlein-Uhrenstreit, Nürnberg: Verlag des Germanischen Nationalmuseums (2014). ISBN 978-3-936688-92-4.

FALE, Thomas, Horologiographia. The Art of Dialling : teaching an easie and perfect way to make all kinds of Dials vpon any plaine plat howsoeuer placed, London: Imprinted by Felix Kyngston (Second Edition 1626).

FLORES, Joseph, Perpétuelles à roues de rencontre: Ou Montres automatiques, une nouvelle page d’histoire, France: AFAHA (Second Edition 2009). ISBN 978-2914741712.

FOULKES, Nicholas, Time Tamed: The Remarkable Story of Humanity’s Quest to Measure Time, London: Simon & Schuster (2019). ISBN 978-1-4711-7064-5.

GOULD, Rupert T., Lt.-Commander, R.N., F.R.G.S., The Marine Chronometer: Its History and Development, London: J. D. Potter (1923).

GOULD, Rupert T., The Marine Chronometer: Its History and Development incorporating Gould’s own amendments and additions from his original annotated manuscripts, London: Antique Collectors’ Club (2013). With new illustrations and a foreword to this edition by Jonathan Betts MBE. ISBN 978 1 85149 365 4.

KURZ, Otto, European Clocks and Watches in the Near East, London: The Warburg Institute, University of London (1975). Printed in the Netherlands by E. J. Brill, Leiden. ISBN 0 85481 053 6 / 90 04 04326 8. Plates I-XVI.

LIPPINCOTT, Kristen, with ECO, Umberto, GOMBRICH, E. H. and others, The Story of Time, London: Merrell Holberton (1999). ISBN 1-85894-072-9.

McANDREW, Clare, edited by, Fine Art and High Finance: Expert Advice on the Economics of Ownership, New York: Bloomberg Press (2010). ISBN 978-1-57660-333-8.

NARDIN, Louis, The Magic of Watches: A Smart Introduction to Fine Watchmaking, Belgium: Graphius (2016). ISBN 978-2-940506-12-5.

SALOMONS, Sir David Lionel, Breguet. (1747-1823.), London: Kent and Sussex Courier Company (1,000 copies printed). Illustrated with over 150 photographic reproductions & other parts (1921).

SALOMONS, Sir David Lionel, Supplement. Breguet. (1747-1823.), London: Kent and Sussex Courier Company (1,000 copies printed). Illustrated with over 40 photographic reproductions (1921).

SHENTON, Alan, Pocket Watches: 19th & 20th Century, British Library (1995). ISBN 1 85149 211 8.

STARR, Frederick S., Lost Enlightenment: Central Asia’s Golden Age from the Arab Conquest to Tamerlane, Oxford: Princeton University Press (2013). ISBN 978-0-691-15773-3.

TERRISSE, Sophie Ann, edited by, Prestigious Watches, New York: BW Publishing, Inc. (1997). ISBN 0-8478-1991-4.

TREFFRY, Timothy, edited by, Derek Pratt FBHI Watchmaker 1938-2009, Upton: The British Horological Institute Ltd (Second Edition September 2018). ISBN 978-0-9568003-2-9.

TURNER, W. J., edited by, British Craftsmanship, London: Collins (1948), chapter on ‘British Clocks and Clockmakers’ by Kenneth Ullyett (p. 207).

ULLYETT, Kenneth, British Clocks and Clockmakers, London: Collins (1947). With 8 Plates in Colour and 24 Illustrations in Black & White.

ULLYETT, Kenneth, Watch Collecting, London: Frederick Muller Ltd (1970). SBN 584 10323 9.

WATKINS, Richard, Meditations on Breguet and Mathematics, Australia: Richard Watkins (2016). (Available from

WATKINS, Richard, The Origins of Self-Winding Watches 1773 – 1779, Australia: NewPrint, Huntingfield, Tasmania (Second Edition, 2016). Limited edition of 125 copies. (Available from

WATKINS, Richard, Practical Watch Collecting for the Beginner, NAWCC: US (2012). ISBN-13: 978-0982358450.

WATKINS, Richard, The Repeater, Australia: Richard Watkins (Second Edition 2017). (Available from

WESOLOWSKI, Zygmunt M., A Concise Guide to Military Timepieces 1880-1990, Ramsbury: The Crowood Press Ltd (2017). ISBN 978 1 86126 304 9.

WHITNEY, Marvin E., Military Timepieces, American Watchmakers Institute Press (1992). ISBN 0-918845-14-9.

Photo © Breguet Blog
Salomons, Sir David Lionel, Supplement. Breguet.


Art of Breguet, The, Periodical of the History, Technology and Art of Watchmaking: At the heart of time, No. 4 October 1996, Milan: Gilcar (1996).

“Le Quai de l’Horloge”, Breguet magazine in boutiques and online at: or visit the AppStore.

CHRISTIE’S, The Celebrated Collection of Watches by BREGUET: Cat. of Coll. of Watches by Breguet 1-3 formed by THE LATE SIR DAVID SALOMONS, Bart., London: White Bros (Printers) Ltd., Prima Road, London S.W.9 (1964-65).

HABSBURG Antiquorum, THE ART OF BREGUET: An Important Collection of 204 Watches, Clocks and Wristwatches, GENEVA, HOTEL DES BERGUES, SUNDAY 14 APRIL 1991, Switzerland: Schudeldruck, 4125 Riehen (1991). ISBN 3-85895-911-1.

PHILLIPS, international auction house specialising in selling contemporary art, design, watches and jewels. For free e-Catalogues please visit:

SOTHEBY’S, Watches: The Belin Collection, Thursday, 29th November, 1979, at 11 am and 2.30 pm precisely, London: Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co. (1979). Illustrated catalogue in colour with a foreword by George Daniels. The catalogue lists six pocket watches by Breguet and “a very small gold keyless ring watch with alarum”, also by Breguet.

KUNSTVEILINGEN SOTHEBY MAK VAN WAAY B.V., Catalogue 325: Clocks, Watches and Important Table Clocks, Thursday 2nd April 1981 at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. precisely, Amsterdam: Sotheby Mak van Waay B.V. (1981). Illustrated catalogue in colour with a preface by the auction house. The catalogue lists seventeen pocket watches by Breguet.

SOTHEBY’S, Catalogue of The Edward Hornby Collection of Rare and Important Watches, Day of Sale Friday, 1st December, 1978, at 11 o’clock precisely in the Royal Watercolour Society Galleries, London: Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co. (1978). Illustrated catalogue in colour with a foreword by George Daniels. The catalogue lists twelve pocket watches by Breguet.


The following documentaries are highly recommended for newcomers, existing watch lovers and collectors alike. Many other interviews with watchmakers can also be found online.

The Incredible Story of Marie Antoinette’s Watch with Nicholas Parsons (2016) Director: John MacLaverty. Run Time: 1h

The Watchmaker’s Apprentice (2015) Director: David Armstrong. Run Time: 1h 7min

The Single Men: Masters of the Incredible and the Beautiful (2015) Director: Philip Selkirk. Run Time: 39m

Time Piece (2007) Director: Kat Mansoor. Run Time: 10min


The following museums have exhibited or are home to a number of highlights by A.-L. Breguet among their collections, past and present. Many of the world’s leading museums are also included which have celebrated and continue to celebrate the art of high horology. – The Breguet Museum, located on the first floor of the Breguet Boutique at 6 Place Vendôme, Paris, is Breguet’s flagship museum with two further museums in Zürich, Switzerland, and Shanghai, China. – The British Museum, London, UK. – The Cité du Temps, or City of Time, under the leadership of The Swatch Group, unites two museums under one roof: Planet Swatch and the Omega Museum. Both exhibitions provide extensive insight into the history of both brands. It is located in the heart of Bienne, Switzerland. – The Frick Collection, New York, New York, USA. – The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia. – The Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem, Israel, home to the spectacular collection of rare watches and clocks, one of the world’s most important, assembled by Sir David Lionel Salomons in the early 20th century. – The Moscow Kremlin, Moscow, Russia. – The Musée du Louvre, Paris, France. – The Watch Museum of Le Locle, or Musée d’horlogerie du Locle, resides in Le Locle, Switzerland. The museum is home to an outstanding collection of classical wall clocks from the 1800s including fine Louis XV-Louis XVI style furniture. The superb archives and library house over 2,000 titles ranging from books, journals, to watchmaking periodicals as well as some 200 ancient works, notably, some by Ferdinand Berthoud. The museum is also the repository of the archives of Alfred Chapuis (1880-1958), willed to the museum after his death. – The International Museum of Horology, or Musée international d’horlogerie (MIH), is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The museum houses over 3,000 items and its mission is to preserve the art and craft of watchmaking. The collection consists largely of donations from manufacturers and private individuals. – Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet, is located in Le Brassus, about 1 hour from Geneva, Switzerland. The Musée Atelier houses some 300 watches, including grand complications and miniaturisation in watchmaking, celebrating 200 years of watchmaking history in the Vallée de Joux. – The National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA, houses the largest collection of timepieces in North America. The collection of more than 13,000 items is international in scope and includes a German table clock from about 1570. – The Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, Switzerland, contains upwards of 2,000 items, a large number of which are Patek Philippe pieces, but the collection also includes rare automata and one of the world’s most extensive collections of enamel miniatures. – The Clockmakers’ Museum, Science Museum, London, UK. – The non-profit foundation “German Watch Museum Glashütte – Nicolas G. Hayek”, Germany, was founded on 16th March 2006. Mr. Hayek and The Swatch Group were instrumental in the creation of the museum which houses more than 500 unique items in the permanent collection.


The following websites cover a variety of topics, ranging from articles to books and magazines to horological institutes to businesses that sell watches, both pre-owned and new. Breguet Blog does not and cannot take any responsibility for the content of these websites and recommends them for general interest only. It is hoped that this list is useful but if you are looking to buy a watch please do your research thoroughly before making a commitment. – Dedicated to tool watches – Articles, reviews and publications – Association Française des Amateurs d’Horlogerie Ancienne – Antiquarian Horological Society – Histoire de montres automatiques by Joseph Flores, founder of AFAHA – Fine pre-owned watches – American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute – British Horological Institute – Fine pre-owned watches – Auction house – The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers – Website dedicated to Dr. George Daniels – Fine pre-owned watches – Fine handmade clocks & commissions – Articles, reviews and publications – Antique English clocks & horological books – Articles, reviews and publications – The George Daniels’ Educational Trust Advisory Committee – Articles, reviews and publications – Articles, reviews and publications – Horological Society of New York – Institute of Swiss Watchmaking – Library of Congress – London Library – Fine pre-owned watches & luxury goods – Articles, reviews and publications – National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors – New York Public Library – Auction house – Articles, reviews and publications – Premier watch magazine – Russian State Library – Watch repairs and restorations – Omega vintage watches & pocket watch specialist – Auction house – One of the longest established antiquarian booksellers in the world, founded in 1761, London – The Naked Watchmaker – Articles, reviews and publications – Watch brand forums on the Web – The world’s largest search engine for old, rare & out-of-print books

WatchBox Reviews – Fine pre-owned watches & video reviews

WatchBox Studios – Discussing & debating watches – Fine pre-owned watches – Articles, reviews and publications – Articles, reviews and publications – Videos on watches, their history & watch reviews – Books on watches & jewellery – America’s No. 1 watch magazine – A fine resource by Richard Watkins, Fellow of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors – Articles, reviews and publications

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