Breguet Blog is pleased to roll out a brand new glossary for anyone with a passion or curiosity for horology. This glossary is intended as an enlightening representation of key terms in watchmaking and, of course, noteworthy contributions made by Breguet. A number of notes of historical worth are also included. Please refer to the Library page for additional resource materials if you are looking for further information.

Glossary A – F

Glossary G – L

Glossary M – Z


A sincere debt of gratitude is owed to Daniel Somlo, of Somlo Antiques, Burlington Arcade, London, a leading authority on pocket watches and Omega vintage timepieces, who so generously read and provided invaluable comments on the glossary. Somlo Antiques is recommended for those with a particular interest in these models. Furthermore, contributions are included from a number of private collectors who have a technical and aesthetic appreciation of vintage and modern timepieces.

Any errors and omissions when discovered will be rectified as soon as possible. Breguet Blog does not have any affiliation with Montres Breguet SA but is dedicated to celebrating the craft of this giant of horology.

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